About Fix Bad Debt and services for Credit repair & credit history assessments online.

About Fix Bad Debt, we specialize solely in the field of credit repair, assessment of credit files and credit file related issues which may allow you to access finance again. We are not finance brokers nor do we share information with any third party.

We do not sell credit history files, however do we provide a free copy afterwards to those who choose to purchase our “assessment & review” service.

We can check your credit rating and deal with the removal of default listings, clear-out listings, court action listings, cross referenced files and amending incorrect file information when you find out about Fix Bad Debt services.

Clients who purchase our professional “assessment & review” service are entitled to a free copy of the Veda credit file which we access, after their initial purchase of our assessment service. The credit file is provided free of charge, but the assessment service is not.

Every credit repair case we take on is allocated individual investigation time and remedy resources. Every case is unique to us and we adopt a hands on approach to credit repair and credit history assessment solutions.

Our staff are from the financial services and collection/recoveries industry which gives us a greater understanding of how bad credit files eventuate and what is required to remove adverse listings. We are fully conversant with all aspects of legislation and current legal requirements regarding credit repair and credit history assessments.

Before we agree to take on any job we will assess your situation and ascertain whether the issue is repairable.

Unlike many other credit restoration services, we do not take on every job. The reason for this is quite simply- not every file can be repaired and we do not claim to assist where we cannot.

Almost all of our fee structures mean we do not invoice our clients until works on your credit history file are completed, therefore we must provide honest and accurate assessments/quotes for those with bad credit to ensure our business can continue. Our credit check assessment system makes this procedure time efficient and accurate, meaning we can start to work on fixing your debt issues as soon as possible.

Contact us: 02 5809 8275 or enquiries@fixbaddebt.com.au

As part of our service and only at your request, FixBadDebt may access your credit file immediately conditional upon your authority being submitted. We are a registered access seeker to the credit file data base of Veda Advantage. Our express assessment of your Veda credit check information is a premium service we offer consumers to identify any issues which may require repair on their Veda credit file without delay. Please be aware that we do not provide direct online access to Veda Advantage or any of its related services & products, nor are we affiliated with Veda or any Veda services & products directly or indirectly. We do not sell Veda credit files or engage in the resale of same. Should we access your Veda credit file information as part of our “chargeable assessment and recommendation service” or any other chargeable service, a copy of your credit file information which we have accessed will be provided to you at no cost. We do not provide credit files as a stand alone service, nor do we sell credit files as part of any other service we provide. If we have accessed your credit file on your behalf in conjunction with any of our internal service requirements, then you are entitled by law to request a copy be provided to you at no charge.