Clear credit history information

Clear credit history information

How to get your Credit check online and what to look for.

This article explains the benefits of obtaining a credit check online and how to obtain your Veda credit check online.

The success or failure of a person’s loan application is primarily dependent on two important criteria. Ultimately the bank or lending company will make a decision based on whether they believe the applicant will be able to make their regular repayments without any issue. This judgment is based in part on the financial records (e.g. fortnightly payslips, yearly group certificates) that the applicant provides as a standard part of any loan application. But that’s only part of the picture. Banks and credit providers will also conduct a credit check online to gauge whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for a loan by having a clear credit history.

Your clear credit history is essentially the official record of any loans, line of credit and credit cards you’ve ever had in your name. It will indicate unpaid bills, whether you’ve missed any card payments or defaulted on any loans, all of which add up to a black mark against your name and can affect the outcome of any future loan applications. Under industry guidelines These defaults must be in excess of $150 and at least 60 days overdue. When you consider that items on your credit history remain for five to seven years, that’s a long time to have loan application decisions potentially go one way or another. Now you can start to see why it is vital to have a clear credit history.

How to check for a clear credit history online.

Don’t be put off ever applying for a loan again though, because you can check your credit online by purchasing a copy of your credit report. Our credit history “assessment service” online will advise you whether you have a clear credit history or if you have bad debts against your name. It is an important part of what the banks and lending companies use to determine your eligibility for a loan, so by obtaining a rundown of any credit history issues you’ll have a clearer (though not necessarily definitive) indication of your potential for a successful loan approval.

You can obtain a copy of our credit history assessment online – Assess my Veda Credit file. We source a copy of your credit report directly through Veda Advantage, Australia’s largest supplier of credit report information. We then provide you with our detailed analysis and any recommendations regarding your file. After your initial purchase of this professional analysis we then provide you with your Veda file which we have accessed free of charge.

So before you apply for your loan, make sure you are certain you have a clear credit history by obtaining your professional review of your credit report.

See what the banks see before they do!

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