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Complimentary Veda Equifax credit check file thrown in if you request our Same Day credit file assessment service on page right application.

* Identify defaults
* Identify court judgments
* Identify court writs
* Correct false information
* Remove duplications
* Recommended actions

Quickly identify defaults, judgments or incorrect info on your Australian Veda credit check with our assessment and review service.

Our full assessment service provides advice regarding any defaults, judgments, black marks etc. plus recommendations for any repair options available

You can click “Get my file” for our immediate “Credit report assessment service” or complete the application on right of this page – Same day return (bus days/hrs)

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Having problems getting credit cards, home loans, car loans ?

Then you may well have defaults or late payment entries on your Veda file or D&B file.

Let us identify for you the same credit history issues banks and lenders may have with your credit rating just Click Here and access our service to assess your Veda credit history information now. We will then contact Veda and obtain your file immediately with your permission, after which our full “assessment and recommendations” report will be provided. This “assessment & recommendation” report is a chargeable service fee at $62.70 and after our “assessment review” has been provided to you, we will also send your free credit file separately.

The Veda credit file we access is passed onto you un-altered and at no cost, which is separate after the chargeable “assessment” service we provide. You are entitled to a free copy by law if we have accessed your file for our internal review of your credit history.

Log In HERE  Express Credit Check assessment service centre.

* Some facts to consider –

* Veda is Australia’s largest supplier of credit history files to all lenders and consumers.

* Your credit assessment report will normally be emailed to you within the hour (bus hours).

* Total purchase price is $62.70 for full professional “assessment and recommendation” on the content of your credit file.

* The Veda file we access is passed onto you at no charge if you first purchase our “assessment service”

* Call with any questions – free support.

Or, If time is on your side and you can wait a couple of weeks then get a free credit check directly from a credit reporting bureau then assess it yourself.

Through this Personal credit check assessment centre we will comprehensively identify for you any possible issues that may affect finance applications. Defaults, late payment history, judgments, writs, inaccurate details.

By using this fast “assessment and recommendation service” of your Veda credit report information, you will also receive a free copy of the Veda file we have accessed on your behalf. You are entitled by law to receive a copy at no charge if we have accessed it for our internal credit file assessment service.

When applying for a credit card, home or car loan the last thing you should be worried about is having late repayment info on your credit history report. Thanks to Fix Bad Debt, an authorised access seeker registered as a Veda subscriber, you can effectively conduct your own investigation into any Veda credit check issues you may have in a quick, safe and hassle-free way!

Reap the benefits of getting a copy of your Veda credit file history assessed professionally today!

Across Australia, Fix Bad Debt has been able to help in the removal of court actions and defaults through our reliable Veda credit check assessments. We also adopt a ‘No Success, No Fees’ philosophy, to ensure you receive exactly what you pay for. Any credit file issues are clearly identified once you request our complete “assessment and recommendation service” of your Veda credit check information.

Once you receive our assessment of your Veda credit check information, you can also utilise our excellent bad credit repair services, information for which can be found here.

Complete your credit check “assessment and recommendation” application online now and address any issues on your Veda credit file history today, or call us for advice about our online credit history assessment service with friendly advice and estimates on (02) 5809 8275, available 9am – 5pm EST. 

As part of our service and only at your request, Fix Bad Debt may access your credit file immediately conditional upon your authority being submitted. We are a registered access seeker to the credit file data base of Veda Advantage. Our express assessment of your Veda credit check information is a premium service we offer consumers to identify any issues which may require repair on their Veda credit file without delay. Please be aware that we do not provide direct online access to Veda Advantage or any of its related services, nor are we affiliated with Veda directly. We do not sell Veda credit files or engage in the resale of same. Should we access your Veda credit file information as part of our “chargeable assessment and recommendation service” or any other chargeable service, a copy of your credit file information which we have accessed will be provided to you at no cost. We do not provide credit files as a stand alone service, nor do we sell credit files as part of any other service we provide. If we have accessed your credit file on your behalf in conjunction with any of our other services, then you are entitled by law to request a copy be provided to you at no charge.