Credit file monthly payment history

Credit files in Australia are affected by your monthly payment history on any current accounts you may have. This appears on your file in a section specifically for credit file payment history.

Credit file payment history or monthly repayments stay on your file for two years.

If you are one month late then a reference of “1” will appear on the current account information under the relevant month. If you are two months late then the number “2” will appear under the relevant month and so on.

Beware. If you are more than several months overdue you will lose your credit score. Equifax will not apply a credit score to your credit file once you have an open account over so many months late.

So even though credit file payment history on current accounts is different to defaults or judgments, it still affects your credit score.

Lenders in today’s market will scrutinize you based on your credit file payment history so take very good care to ensure those little payments on credit cards don’t become overdue.

Credit file payment history cannot be deleted or disputed unless absolutely wrong.

Make sure no credit repairer tries to tell you it can be altered. It can’t !

Defaults are a different story. Read our default removal page for further info on problem defaults

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