Credit Repair changes

Credit repair changes have been applied recently regarding paid advertising with Google in Australia.

Due to the unfortunate occurrence of credit repair companies charging upfront, Google has decided to cease all paid advertising as an option for credit repair services.

Although not all credit repairers charge upfront fees, a lot of them did.

Fortunately our services for credit repair do not attract upfront fees and never have, we only charge upon successful results.

Our solicitors do not charge unless we can remove an entry.

Paid advertising allowed large unscrupulous companies to dominate the credit repair paid advertising environment. These companies retained huge profit margins as they did not actually do any work or outlay many expenses for the money they collected from consumers.

That in turn allowed them to spend large sums on paid advertising and dominate the Google paid advertising space on the net.

Thanks to these new credit repair changes in advertising, It is good that these companies can no longer dominate paid advertising market, but at the same time it has eliminated the opportunity for honest companies like ours to reach out to consumers.

These credit repair changes in paid advertising will not affect the services we provide to consumers and our solicitors ability to remove certain items from credit files.

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