Credit repair services helping to remove defaults or judgments in Australia with absolutely zero deposits required.

“Always pay for results only and never pay upfront fees”

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Always look for Credit repair services in Australia with clear, concise and transparent assessments which will enable you to make an informed decision when you are comfortable.

The quest to find good quality and honest assistance with credit repair services in Australia at reasonable prices with no up front fees, no admin fees and no progress fees can be very difficult to find.

You may find yourself being given the third degree or alternative motives being applied such as finance sales pitches. Be careful.

Fix Bad Debt specialize solely in credit default removal & assessments at reasonable prices with no upfront fees.

These credit repair solutions relate to Veda Equifax credit files and Dun & Bradstreet reports

Fees or successful credit repair should only be paid once a successful outcome is achieved for clients.

There are very few Equifax Veda file repairers in Australia who operate like this. Why? because bad credit cleansers want money upfront regardless of their ability to provide a successful outcome for you. Be very careful when shopping around.

99% of credit rating issues which are taken on should never attract upfront fees and in most cases you should never have to pay deposits upfront. There are very few exceptions such as court fees or substantial preparation in a case which requires substantial upfront work. Never the less, there are not many jobs which should require a deposit.

Fix Bad Debt always advise clients of all costs before any work is commenced. Throughout our process should the involvement of an ombudsman or external dispute office be required, we do not charge additional fees for liaising with such offices. Our initial quotes always remain fixed and attract no extra fees for dealing with such offices.

A written work order or contract of proposed services should always be supplied before any work is commenced which must be approved by you.

At Fix Bad Debt we may not take on a credit repair task if we do not believe it will be successful. The reason is simple, we only get paid our fees upon each successful result.

A reputable credit repair provider should never press you for information. Be very wary of pushy or aggressive people who claim they can help you fix a credit history report only on their terms.

If you have a Veda / Equifax credit file with information which needs amendment simply contact us and we will tell you in no uncertain terms if anything can be done to assist in resolving your credit file issues.

Don’t have your credit file? By clicking here we can access and assess your credit history for a small fee. The professional assessment costs $62.70AUD but your Equifax credit file is passed onto you at no charge.

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