Fix Bad Debt assist mortgage finance brokers with clients who have adverse issues such as defaults or court actions on their credit rating.

Below is a reference of Mortgage finance brokers who currently take advantage of our services, helping clients with credit file issues to achieve better chances of mortgage finance. These brokers are not directly affiliated with Fix Bad Debt.

How do we help Mortgage finance brokers?

We clear borrower’s credit files of defaults or court actions which will then allow both the broker and the borrower to proceed with a successful mortgage finance application.

Why do we help Mortgage finance brokers?

Because every credit file cleared successfully means increased business for us, business for the broker and a clearer path of borrowing for the end client.

Why do Mortgage finance brokers use our service?

Brokers require more successful applications for better business opportunities and more satisfied clients. We make that possible by helping the borrower increase their chances with a clearer credit rating. Every credit file we can clear means a finance application salvaged and both the borrower and broker can then proceed with a successful mortgage application.
Mortgage finance brokers and borrowers have come to experience that our service is professional, efficient, upfront and highly beneficial for the borrower as well as the broker and based on a “no win – No fee” basis.

Quite simply, if we can help clear a client’s credit file then the broker can proceed with a Mortgage finance application for their client without hinder of credit rating issues. That’s a win for everyone.
Plus if we don’t succeed then we don’t charge any fees.
When a credit file is successfully repaired our fees are invoiced directly to the client requiring assistance, not the broker. There are no “handshakes” or “hidden incentives” between us and Mortgage finance brokers who use our services and no referral fees.

The mere fact that successful credit repair leads to payment for us is enough motivation for Fix Bad Debt to do what we do best, repair credit files.

If you are considering using a broker to access finance please feel free to contact any of the brokers listed below. These brokers are highly successful in their related fields and may very well help where others can’t.

Broker: Future Finance Group
Contact: Amie Tennant
0401 864 629
Website link

Future Finance Group offer specialised services nation wide specific to each clients needs and circumstances. Services on offer to client are diversified from refinancing, multiple property investment structuring to self managed super portfolios.
Staff are MFAA accredited and hold Diplomas in brokerage qualifications. Future Finance use the services on offer from Fix Bad Debt to assist customers in credit repair and obtaining Veda history information and like all brokers, Fix Bad Debt have assisted many clients in successfully obtaining finance after credit repair.

Broker: Lend Rep Finance
Contact: Kate Lukasz
0410 046 394
Website link

Lend Rep Finance not only offers traditional brokerage services covering all aspects of sourcing finance for clients, but are also noted for their unique ability to source finance for clients with limited employment history, new business loans and credit impaired circumstances.

Head office is located in South Australia and as with all competent modern brokers they service clients nationwide with ease.
Lend Rep’s unique ability to source finance for clients where other brokers and lenders do not normally succeed is what sets Lend Rep Finance apart from your main stream brokers. Lend Rep Finance strives to achieve the absolute best possible result available for you regardless of your circumstances.

Lend Rep Finance can proudly boast being second to only one other broker in Australia for non-conforming vehicle finance. Apply now for vehicle finance with one of the highest success rated brokers in Australia!

In addition to these accolades, Lend Rep finance holds all industry required accreditation’s and memberships that a reputable broker should have. Current external dispute resolution membership with COSL and membership with Finance Brokers Association of Australia are held.

Kate Lukasz comes well equipped with an accounting background and is a credit representative with AFG, Australian Finance Group. Contact Kate now for genuine and professional assistance coupled with a passion to get you what you need!