STEP ONE: Make sure you have a current copy of your credit file. A copy of your Veda credit file is provided at no charge if you purchase our “assessment & recommendation” service for $35.00. The credit file and any quotes are free, but the assessment service is not. You can request our assessment service by clicking here

STEP TWO:   Click the “Free Credit repair Quote” tab on our website and submit your credit file for a free quote returned by email.

STEP THREE:   We quickly & clearly identify any issues (if any) and advise if they are repairable.

STEP FOUR:   If repairable we will estimate cost then you decide if you would like us to commence.

STEP FIVE:   We email you an agreement to reply to. You must ensure you have funds ready to pay us upon success.

STEP SIX:    We start the process of removing Bad Credit issues from your Veda or D&B credit file.

Once successful repair is carried out we request immediate payment for our service as agreed prior to commencement.
Although we do not charge deposits, admin fees or progress fees, we do not recommend that you incur debt by borrowing funds to pay for our services. You should make sure that you have sufficient funds set aside before we start any service.

Note: Some court action removals require a court fee however this is made very clear in initial assessments.

Contact us: 02 4984 1213 or

As part of our service and only at your request, Fix Bad Debt may access your credit file immediately conditional upon your authority being submitted. We are a registered access seeker to the credit file data base of Veda Advantage. Our express assessment of your Veda credit check information is a premium service we offer consumers to identify any issues which may require repair on their Veda credit file without delay. Please be aware that we do not provide direct online access to Veda Advantage or any of its related services, nor are we affiliated with Veda directly. We do not sell Veda credit files or engage in the resale of same. Should we access your Veda credit file information as part of our “chargeable assessment and recommendation service” or any other chargeable service, a copy of your credit file information which we have accessed will be provided to you at no cost. We do not provide credit files as a stand alone service, nor do we sell credit files as part of any other service we provide. If we have accessed your credit file on your behalf in conjunction with any of our other services, then you are entitled by law to request a copy be provided to you at no charge.