Removing a Court Judgment

One particular issue that will hold up any loan application and is considered one of the biggest black marks to have on your credit history is to have a court judgment against your name.

To get to this point, your creditor – whether it’s a loan provider, phone company, or energy supplier – must send you a demand letter for a missed payment which you typically have about 14 days to pay. If you miss that payment they can then issue a summons or claim ordering you to pay within 28 days or face legal action.

Again, if you pay within the 28 day period the matter is more or less considered resolved. However many people ignore the letter and miss the payment again which prompts the creditor to petition the courts to have judgment entered against you.

From this point things can get messy, as the judgment allows the creditor to legally acquire the money from you by way of direct intervention of your next salary/wages payment into your account, repossession of goods and assets amounting to the value of the judgment debt, or by other legal recovery means. Not only that, but no other loan or credit provider will even look at you with a court judgment on your credit file.

Eradicate the court judgment from your file and get back on track

Court judgments will stay on your credit history file for 5 years before they drop off. But they can be removed from your credit report before that time. Fix Bad Debt are the experts to trust when it comes to removing court judgments from credit files. With our solicitors, we will interact with the creditor and their solicitors to seek co-operation and a mutual understanding from both parties.

We are so confident in our ability to remove court judgments from our clients’ credit files that we will not charge you if we don’t get the desired result. No deposits required and no progress fees. So take the steps towards regaining your financial freedom and a positive credit report. Contact Fix Bad Debt today. ph 02 4984 1213

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