Can credit repair help me?

Can credit repair help me?

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Many claim credit repair can help and many claim it cannot! So can credit repair help me?

So here’s the verdict?

Quite simply credit repair can help if it is successful. Whether you do it or have someone do it for you.

Some companies are capable and some are not. Normally the ones who are not charge upfront fees. In fact in almost all cases.

That’s because getting paid on results would see them go broke.

So that’s the first important piece of information, never pay upfront fees of any description.

Never pay any type of upfront fees. Ever.

Now there are Govt agencies and charity legal services or advisory services that just hate seeing people make money out of this industry.

These Govt agencies and advisory services try their damnedest to steer you away from credit repairers. They constantly reiterate you can do it your self. (even though they say in the next breath that credit repair cannot be done. Work that one out.)

So here’s a bit of info on that aspect.

Yes you can do it your self. Regardless of whether you know what to do or not, you can do it yourself. You may not be successful but you can try it yourself. That’s sort of stating the obvious.

You can fix your own car, you can build your own house, you can fix your own anything if you know what to do.

When you employ a competent credit repairer you are trusting that they know what they are doing.

Use a credit repair solicitor. Don’t use hacks!

Picking a credit repairer who charges on results only sorts that part out. Put simply, those who can’t repair don’t stay in business if charging a no win no fee basis.

Can credit repair help? of course it can if done right.

You can cook your own steak but people go and eat out and pay for someone to cook it for them. Why? because chances are the restaurant should be able to do a good job as they are doing it every day for a living.

So apply that theory to credit repair. Competent credit repairers should know the fastest avenue to dealing with a creditor who has listed a default against you. Time is of the essence and being run around by a creditors doesn’t help. And they will run you around.

Competent credit repairers should also know what law and guidelines apply and this is where a solicitor carrying out the repair gives an advantage.

Additionally they should be able top prepare your case in such a way that it is concrete and sound when presented to a creditor or governing body.

Provide your repairer with all of the facts. Don’t edit them!

So yes, you can try it all yourself and no one is stopping you. But we bet you will not get the result that a professional credit repair solicitor gets who charges on a no win no fee basis.

Unless you have your finger on the pulse, know the laws and guidelines, know the right avenues to take then a pro will have the drop on you.

Why don’t these Govt agencies and advisory services allocate more time to telling people they can fix their own car? Give the mechanics are hard time. Or build your own house and give the builders a hard time.

Fact is these agencies are labelling ALL credit repair companies as dodgy just without saying it directly. They should instead be warning consumers of dodgy companies and educating consumers to look for assistance from a company who charges zero upfront fees.

That would be a useful and practical approach that would help everyone.

Can credit repair help? Of course it can.