Credit repair – Don’t pay money upfront for credit repair!

Credit repair – Don’t pay money upfront for credit repair!

Credit repair services

Never pay money upfront for credit repair services.

How many times must we read articles almost always written by legal aid agencies or consumer law group’s and the like, offering damning advice against all credit repair companies ?

Common sense dictates you don’t pay money upfront for anything unless you know you are going to receive what you pay for. Seriously, do you need to be told that over again via social media ? Apply common sense and do not pay for something until you get it ! Don’t need a legal advice for that do we.

So, don’t pay money upfront for credit repair.

Credit repair is no different to any other service. Results cannot be guaranteed by anyone so you should only ever pay once a result has been achieved.

Don’t pay a credit repair company, do it yourself !

And every legal assistance company around urges you to do credit repair yourself. They hate seeing credit repair people making money. Why? because there are too many shonks in the credit repair industry so the legal aid industry likes to tar all credit repairers with the same brush. Never do they mention there are a few honest repairers who only charge if they get results.

Sure you can try credit repair yourself. And you can try fixing your car yourself, or build your house yourself, or do the electrical wiring yourself, cook your own meals instead of restaurant food, or even fill your own holes in your teeth. You can do anything yourself but fact is, some people choose to employ other people to do things for them!

Just because credit repairers do things that some could do themselves, doesn’t mean that the credit repairer is committing a crime offering assistance. Contrary to what Legal aid industry personnel claim.

Not all credit repairers are crooks. Just search for one who only charges purely on results. You don’t need Consumer Law Centre’s shoving info down your neck that we are practically criminals. Just because they catch on bad repairer out it does not automatically apply that all repairers are crook, although Consumer Law Centre’s would like you to believe so.

We will say it again, don’t pay money upfront for credit repair.

Credit repair is a waste of money !

Yes it is if results are not achieved. Results meaning defaults removed.

Some claim defaults can only be removed if placed incorrectly. NOT TRUE.

This is a fallacy that consumer law groups brainwash people with via social media and fake news.

The fact is that some creditors will remove defaults formed on a “no admission” basis. Meaning they will lift the default but first make you sign a disclaimer that you agree they have acted in accordance with all guidelines and laws regarding listing the default. No repercussions on them when they remove the default.

With the right knowledge and the right contacts this is a common remedy and normally attracts a condition that the debt amount is paid to the creditor throughout the process.

So it appears that law centres quite simply want all credit repairers to shut up shop. At bare minimum heavily regulate the industry.

Senate inquiries are not needed to waste tax payers money. The evidence is right in front of everyone’s faces already. Solution: make it LAW that no credit repairer charges a single cent until a result is achieved. Spend the money structuring that legislation, not wasting time on inquiries about something we know is already broken and something we already know the solution to.

Consumer law centre’s do assist people but they are also notorious for complaining and crying poor me when common sense remedies are sitting on the shelf right in front of them. But to be fair, it is their nature to be drama queens at times.

Be smart and use common sense. Don’t pay money upfront for credit repair ! and as for this article, where on earth did a homeless man get thousands of dollars together for credit repair ??? Unless the article is conveniently written. Hmmmm !