Free current Veda credit rating file Equifax credit report for all applicants who purchase our “Credit file assessment & review” service for $35.00.

Let us professionally assess your Veda credit history, now Equifax credit report information or Dun & Bradstreet report for any defaults, black marks, etc. plus recommendations for any repair options available. Application on page right

*** One hour return *** (bus hours) plus Help hotline 02 4984 1213 for free advice.

Credit history assessment applicants who purchase this complete “assessment and recommendation service” for a fee of $35.00 AUD are paying for our professional review and credit history analysis, this assessment report is not your credit report however your Veda credit report now known as Equifax credit report which we access directly from Veda Equifax for our internal analysis is then provided to you shortly afterwards at no charge.

Although your Veda credit rating file is passed onto you separately and free of charge after our “assessment service”, our separate service fee of $35.00 applies to the compilation of this “Credit file assessment and recommendation” service we provide.

We do not provide, sell or resell credit files as a stand alone service, nor do we sell credit files in conjunction with any other chargeable services.

Proceed to the application to the right on this page for your fast Assessment. Applicant details are only matched against Veda Equifax data base records with your authority and by law are not shared with any third parties, creditors or Govt. departments