Complimentary Veda credit history check file for all applicants who purchase our “Credit file assessment & review” service below.

Don’t have your current Veda credit file? No problems, we can assess your Vedacheck credit history check, now known as Equifax credit report information for any defaults, judgments, etc. plus recommendations for repair options available on my credit file.
My credit file assessment application on page right or below for mobile users.
Your purchased assessment will then be emailed with free copy of your current Veda / Equifax credit file.

Free Help hotline 02 5809 8275 for free guidance.

Credit history assessment applicants who purchase this complete “assessment and recommendation service” for a fee of $62.70 AUD are paying for our professional review and credit history analysis. Your Veda credit history check report now known as Equifax credit report which we access directly from Veda Equifax for our internal analysis is then provided to you shortly afterwards at no charge.

Although your Veda check credit rating file is passed onto you separately and free of charge after our “assessment service”, our separate service fee of $62.70 applies to the compilation of this “Credit file assessment and recommendation” service we provide.

Already have your Veda check credit file?

Follow this link “Free repair quote” and attach your credit file on our Free repair quote page. We can then advise you of probability of repair where possible and associated costs or quotes.

If you don’t have your credit file just complete the Veda credit history check application on this page for your fast Assessment. Applicant details are only matched against Veda Equifax data base records with your authority and by law are not shared with any third parties, creditors or Govt. departments