Complimentary Veda Equifax credit file supplied if you request our credit file assessment service on page right application.

* Identify defaults
* Identify court judgments
* Identify court writs
* Correct false information
* Remove duplications
* Recommended actions

Quickly identify defaults, judgments or incorrect info on your Australian credit rating with our assessment and review service.

Many people ask this question – What’s on my credit file?. Your Veda Equifax credit history or Dun & Bradstreet credit history is essentially a diary of your financial behavior.

Currently this information is held on data bases maintained by authorized credit reporting agencies such as Veda or Dun & Bradstreet. Additionally that data is gathered from lenders to update those data bases regularly.

Every time you apply for finance, credit or utilities with a lender or credit provider, they will access your credit file and check for good and bad patterns in your past.

Good indications on your credit report are things such as not too many recent applications, no defaults or court judgments, long term residential or employment history.

Conversely bad indicators would be signs of late or defaulted payments, legal action taken place resulting in a court judgment and erratic movement in employment or residence. Accordingly these lead to declined loans.

Check what’s on your credit file before applying for finance or credit!

It makes sense to assess your credit history report ideally before lenders may come across any nasty surprises.

Thankfully you can check what is on your credit history by obtaining a copy of the same. Firstly you can go directly to a credit reporting agency who will charge around $80. That will get you the credit file only and then you work out what it all means.

Or you have professionals access and review your credit file for you. After which they provide your comprehensive review, identify issues and answer any questions you may have. Furthermore it’s only $62.70 and you get your credit file thrown in for free after the assessment. That’s what we provide with the application on this page.

Best of all can access your credit file on your behalf with you authorization. We then assess the content and provide you with a comprehensive report including any possible remedies should adverse content be identified.

Although we do charge a fee of $62.70 for our assessment service, we then forward you your Veda Equifax credit file. There is no charge for the Veda file which we initially use for our internal assessment.

Your copy of that credit report is free after we have used it for our internal assessment, but the comprehensive review and findings attract a one of fee of $62.70.

Apply for your Veda file assessment on the right of this page. Once completed the online application form will ensure email return of our professional review and your credit file.

However, don’t panic if there is adverse content on your credit report. Thankfully You can take positive action. We offer a free quoting service on any potential remedies we believe may be available.

Just click here if you already have your credit file Credit Repair Quote and attached a copy of your credit file for a fast assessment.